Sony's Incoming Reply To The Xbox One X Will Be Two Things

They be: Exclusives and a PS5

Sony's formula isn't just winning, but many would argue that it has won. The PlayStation 4 has turned into a success like never imagined upon release. It would be easy to think that one factor alone is the generation of this achievement, however, this is actually not the case. Let's continue.

Going back to 2013, the year the PS4 and Xbox One launched, it became obvious that the two competing consoles were going down different avenues. Whilst the PS4 was more powerful, it was arguably a better-looking machine (aesthetically pleasing) and promised a very different prospect for those selecting the PlayStation 4 as there new prized console.

The major differences were quite clear. Microsoft wanted to marriage gaming with its Windows operating system, whilst also attempting to become a giant by offering apps and media content. Sony's ambitions were quite different: be full-throttle within the direction of gaming.

Here's a key talking point, and one Microsoft is sure to shy away from if presented with: Many gamers are detracted from the Xbox One due to the lack of original content. This line had to be placed in bold because it's important. Sony has unleashed exclusive after exclusive, not average titles, either. No, these titles have won awards.

If what I am saying is wrong, then please compare the Xbox One and PS4 sales. Perhaps I and millions of other gamers are simply incorrect, however, there is actually a number of reasons as to why the PS4 is king.

Microsofts upcoming power-house of a console will be introduced as the world's most powerful gaming console. It's certainly a bold statement. However, the Nintendo Switch is recent proof that it isn't primarily about the power, but many other elements are of great importance to how well a console, these include: games, pricing and features.

See how I bolded games, there's a reason for that. Let's explain it with the following simple scenario: you buy a car with 500 bhp, but you can't test drive it because it hasn't any fuel. Games are the fuel for a console, and they help to drive a console's success or demise.

I know, you want to read about some PlayStation 5 gossip. Let's delve deep into speculation, conspiracy and rumours - the good grub.

So, you'd actually have to be really naive to believe that Sony would halt at the PS4 and neglect a PS5 followup. Sony's timing is sure to be key as to when they actually announce that they are working on their next masterpiece. I doubt it will be ultra soon, 2020 seems highly probable. Of course, a roaring success for Microsft's Xbox One X might change this goal post, but I doubt the Xbox One X will reach such demands. Meanwhile, Sony's attention to detail within their exclusive game releases will be enough to counter what the competition offers. What's more, virtual reality is stationed at PlayStation, allowing for many exciting developments.

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