2018 Takes us One Step Closer to the PlayStation 5

As we enter 2018, those dreaming about a PlayStation 5 should feel a little closer. With the PS4 console family all but concluded, Sony will begin to explore what comes next. Of course, the PS4 isn't about to become redundant, far from it. However, technology moves ahead faster in the world of today, and it would be totally wrong of Sony not to be thinking about what can come next.

It makes sense that Sony will already be contemplating a PlayStation 5. Sony isn't a company that likes to confuse consumers with a gimmicky new name. Cough, cough, Microsoft. Yes, I think you'll find brands out there that try this, and it doesn't generally go down well. Thus, expect Sony's next console to be named the PlayStation 5.
Sony has, and continues to be busy with the PlayStation 4 brand. They've introduced PS VR, the PS4 Slim and the PS4 Pro. They've taken the PlayStation 4 and upgraded it and introduced virtual reality for owners of the console. These big moves have certainly taken much of Sony's energy. That's not to mention the impressive exclusives that continue to be pumped out.

With that all said, it seems Sony's attention can probably now focus away from hardware, at least within the cycle of the PS4. It's all about exclusive games for Sony, bringing out the very best from the world's best-selling console - the PlayStation 4.

The PS4 was released back in late 2013, meaning that the console has enjoyed roughly four years of its product life. Sony’s introduction of the PS4 Pro has helped to extend the products’ life.

When it comes to a PlayStation 5, it won’t be a small upgrade from what the PS4 Pro can offer. The PS5 will be a large leap, bringing far greater entertainment opportunities for gamers and fans alike. With the PS4 brand continuing to sell extremely well, there will come a time when a large upgrade becomes apparent.

It is never easy to make a prediction successfully within the technology arena, but 2020 could be an ideal year for Sony to announce or launch their next big gaming console. If it was to be launched in 2020, then you'd expect to start hearing about it sometime next year. However, if the announcement was to come in 2020, then we'd probably be looking at a 2021 or 2022 release date.

2018 brings with it new possibilities, technology advancements can change things dramatically. One thing is clear, we're certainly closer to seeing a PlayStation 5 in 2018 than we were prior. Thus, raise your excitement levels a little and await juicier PS5 rumours, news and concepts.

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