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A PlayStation 5 Showcase Is Coming This Wednesday - Here’s What Could Be In It

Since the PlayStation 5 was announced, we’ve been hungry for more details about the console. Our curiosity has been sated by Sony discussing the technical specs and software lineup at some length, but some questions remain surrounding the PS5; namely, when it will be released (right now, we have only a vague “holiday 2020” window to go on) and how much it will cost. Microsoft recently blinked first and revealed the cost of the Xbox Series X and Series S range, so it’s now up to Sony to knock it out of the park with an impressive announcement.

Luckily, that could well be what we’re in for. Sony has announced a new digital showcase for the PlayStation 5 which it says will show off some of the latest games from Sony Worldwide Studios and Sony’s first- and third-party development partners. While Sony has only mentioned games and hasn’t made any mention of price or availability, it’s definitely time for the software company to start thinking about revealing that information, so we’re not sure it will only be a gaming presentation. Here’s what Sony could reveal during its upcoming showcase.



Microsoft has now officially revealed the price of its Xbox Series X and Series S consoles. Given that the Series range launches in early November, Sony doesn’t have long to announce a concrete release date, but it does now have the time to adjust the price of its console accordingly. Both the PS5 Disc Edition and PS5 Digital Edition prices are likely to be revealed during Wednesday’s showcase, and we’re expecting Sony to try to undercut Microsoft with its console cost. These consoles are set to be loss leaders for their companies anyway, so a slightly lower price likely won’t have a significant impact.


Release date

If we don’t get a release date for the PS5 during Wednesday’s presentation, we’ll be extremely surprised indeed. Microsoft has revealed all the consumer-pertinent information necessary to start drumming up hype for the Series X and Series S, so Sony needs to follow suit now. We don’t know if the console will launch in November, but Sony always tries to directly compete with Microsoft on the console front, so expect a launch date on or around November 10th, just like Microsoft’s new consoles. Of course, Sony could also opt to move the date ahead a week to get a head start.


More games

This is the one certainty of the upcoming presentation. We know that Sony is definitely going to announce more games for the PlayStation 5, or at the very least, updates on the games we already know about. In the words of SIE Content Communications director Sid Shuman, the presentation will focus on “updates from the latest titles” being worked on for the PS5. Expect to see info regarding Ghostwire: Tokyo, Horizon: Forbidden West, and more PS5 exclusives, as well as third-party games that will inevitably play best on Sony’s new consoles.  

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