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The Most Action-Packed Games Available Online

Exciting, enchanting adventures, gruesome and engaging wars and intense online casino games that will keep you on the edge of your seat, these epic massive multiplayer games are the most action-packed available online. Stunning visuals and thoroughly designed gameplay on top of user-friendly interfaces make these selections a must-try.

With thousands of games released in 2017 alone, here are some of this year’s favourites.

1. Total War: Arena

Brought to us by a solid collaboration between Sega and the Creative Assembly, Total War: Arena is a free-to-play team-based MMO Windows game that lets players step into the boots of some of the greatest leaders and legends of past. Strategically plan your moves and tactics within their turn-based mechanics, all while trying to build your own empire. Every player controls three units with as many as a hundred soldiers in 10-v-10 skirmishes, all working together to overcome and overpower the enemy. Progression also comes in various ways, giving players countless options and upgrades for their soldiers and cavalry. This complex game will have you ready to conquer in virtual warfare anytime of the day.

2. PlanetSide 2

For fans of MMO first-person shooters available on PlayStation, Planetside 2 is all about intense, massive-scale warfare. Your futuristic characters grab their guns and invade enemy bases on foreign planets with thousands of other players, blasting their way through jungles, deserts and concrete. Join one of three empires and fight with a team for the greater good. Pick and customize your soldier fully with a wide range of classes, skills and weaponry depending on your style of gameplay. Nothing will have you shaking in your boots more than knowing an enemy squadron could invade at any moment or a fleet might attack during the night, so stay prepared and pick your battles wisely.

3. League Of Legends

A cult favourite, League of Legends is an MMORPG strategy arena battle game available on MacOS and PC and is played by millions worldwide. Two teams of five group up to work together using magic and science to battle it out on the Summoner’s Rift. With a massive selection of characters and gameplay styles, mix and match runes and masteries to aid you in conflicts. Gather with your friends strategically to overcome and eventually wither down your enemy’s base to reach your goal of destroying the Nexus. Plenty of servers are offered depending on where you are on the globe, so players can join in on the action from all over the world. Level up, earn rewards for your hard work and show off your mastery by gearing up and preparing for battle.

4. Path Of Exile

Reminiscent of the ancestor of dungeon-crawlers, the cult-classic game Diablo, Path Of Exile, an online role-playing MMORPG for XBox One and Windows, is not just about fighting whatever crosses your path. After picking your class based on what style you feel is more suitable for your character, get ready to set off on an evocative adventure. With a massive skill tree to make your way through, upgrade yourself with the skills you need to explore hidden dungeons and fight monstrous evils to seek out treasures. Despite a slow start when it comes to obtaining rewards, you are kept on your toes throughout the game as you strive to search for more. With a large gameplay system, extensive character upgrades and progression, the unexplored dungeons with dangers lurking around every corner will keep you heavily invested and thoroughly on-edge.

5. Hearthstone

Blizzard’s answer to Magic: The Gathering brings us the collectable and free-to-play fantasy online card video game Hearthstone. The platform itself is easy enough to learn with its user-friendly tutorials and entertaining visuals. After you master the introduction, the game begins to get more challenging, especially when facing an opponent that knows how to plays their cards right. If you’re not feeling very competitive and just want to play a few games here and there, you can enter the arena and match up against bots, practice your skills, and learn new techniques to build up your card deck before heading back into the online ladder.

For those who enjoy card games like Hearthstone with a more classic, Vegas-style twist, players can try their hand at Rich Wilde's Book of the Dead massive multiplayer online gambling and betting slot casino game. Rather than Hearthstone's strategy card game format, Book of the Dead utilises a slot-style set-up that lets players rely on luck and timing rather than simply one-on-one opponent battles. Players can sign up to play for free, or place bets and earn cash without having to make a deposit.

6. World of Tanks

A different kind of online game, World of Tanks is a team-based MMO tank driving multiplayer for Windows with an immense collection of war vehicles to ride into battle. Intense, metal-to-metal combat awaits you on the battlefield as new players are able to drop in at any time and join the fight. World of Tanks has a decently efficient upgrade system, giving your war rig your own signature touch. The game will quickly teach you that teamwork and camaraderie is the way to go. Try and take it on as a lone wolf and you might just end up with too much on your plate. Free to play, it offers micro-transactions for premium tanks and vehicles.

7. Warframe

Set deep into the future, Warframe is a free-to-play, third-person-shooter available on PC, PlayStation and Xbox. After joining one of three factions, your character will put on an exo-suit and jump into the fast-paced and deadly action against limitless enemies. Equipped with either a melee weapon such as a sword, giant hammer and spears, or one of many forms of advanced guns, you can join up with friends and head into the increasingly challenging raids. Fight dozens upon dozens of enemies and clear each area to earn rewards, level up, upgrade and customise your fighter with stronger weapons to help you climb in the ranks.

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