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Analyst Predicts PS5 Will Outsell Xbox Series X And Series S Combined

Since the PlayStation 5 was announced, we’ve had nothing but faith that it will massively outsell Microsoft’s offering. After all, with Microsoft leaning hard into PC gaming as part of its strategy and dividing its player base with two separate models (and there are rumours of a third) - each of which has different specs - it’s hard to imagine Microsoft taking the crown. Now, however, our conjecture has statistics to back it up. Surveys have been suggesting the PS5 will outsell the Series X for some time, but those surveys haven’t been taking the newly-announced Xbox Series S into account.

Thanks to PSU, we now have statistics from an analyst who predicts that not only will the PlayStation 5 outsell the Xbox Series X, but it will also perform significantly better than both the Series X and Series S. Said analyst is the same person who previously predicted that the PS5 would outsell the Series X before we knew of the Series S’ existence. This person predicts that the PS5 will have an install base of 67.3 million by 2024, while the Series range will only have a base of 44.3 million. It feels good to be right sometimes.

This analysis also takes into account improved performance as a result of the Xbox Series S. Marketing firm Harding-Rolls suggests that the existence of a second alternative next-gen machine for Microsoft will improve its standing; after all, with a lower price point console available for more reluctant buyers, Microsoft will likely see more early next-gen conversions, with more consumers tempted by the Series S’ reduced price tag. In addition, Xbox All Access, Microsoft’s monthly console subscription service, will also tempt more gamers to its fold.

However, even with these advantages taken into account, analysts still predict that the PS5 will massively outstrip the Series range in terms of sales. PSU adds that Sony’s investment in first-party exclusives puts it ahead of its competition, and that the PlayStation brand is significantly stronger than Microsoft’s Xbox brand. It’s hard to disagree with that assessment; the Xbox One massively damaged Microsoft’s stake in the console industry after a strong showing from the Xbox 360, so the American tech giant has a lot of ground to cover.

Obviously, we agree with PSU and Harding-Rolls’ assessment. The PS5 is entering the next generation with a slate of incredibly sought-after exclusives like Horizon: Forbidden West, Ghostwire: Tokyo, and Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart. Add to this the fact that the PS5 will be able to play a huge chunk of the PS4’s library at launch and you’ve got a console that’s very hard to ignore for both new Microsoft converts and long-time Sony fans. We’re not saying Microsoft has botched its entry into the next generation, but it’s hard to envision a situation where Sony doesn’t have an advantage.

Another huge part of that is Microsoft’s investment into PC gaming. If you’ve got a reasonably powerful PC, you really don’t need to invest in an Xbox Series console; many of Microsoft’s most tantalising games will be available for PC simultaneously on day one. In addition, Nvidia has just announced its lineup of 30 series graphics cards, all of which will support ray tracing technology much more successfully than the already-excellent 20 series. As a PC gamer, you’re better off investing in the aggressively-priced 30 series than opting for an Xbox console.

What do you think of this analyst’s prediction of Sony’s performance? Do you agree? Let us know! 

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