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From Angry Birds to Poker, Technology is Having a Key Hand on Our Gaming Experience

Technology is constantly advancing and there's little doubt that it's changing our lives for the better. In particular, the changes that the internet has undergone in the last two decades or so has meant that more and more people are choosing to do the large majority of their gaming online. With around 65% of households now owning a device which can be used for gaming of some description, online gaming is becoming an increasingly important part of our lives and with other technological advances on the horizon, the gaming industry looks set to be further enriched by the endless possibilities that these new developments create.

PlayStation and Beyond: Remote Play

Remote play allows you to stream and play Playstation 4 and other console games directly from your console to a Mac, Windows PC, Playstation TV, PS Vita or more recently, your Sony Xperia device.
The way that this feature enriches your gaming experience is in terms of convenience - you no longer have to physically carry your games round if you're popping over to a friend's house to back up the trash talk you've been giving them all week. The only thing you need is an internet connection (preferably a decent one) and then you're all set to play until your heart's content from any location of your choice.

Poker and Angry Birds: Gaming Apps are Raising the Stakes

Gaming apps currently offer some of the most absorbing and convenient gaming experiences on the market and the increasing popularity of gaming apps such as Angry Birds has lead to them becoming some of the most downloaded apps on app stores across the board even to this day.

The iGaming industry in particular now incorporates some of the most innovative gaming technology within their apps to allow users to play their favorite casino games wherever they are and whenever they feel like it. Within it we find the poker industry, a very strong vertical in its own right, with not only Texas Hold'em proving popular online after the "poker boom" of 2003, but also newer variants, including SNAP poker, Omaha and more, as well as tournaments and live games, being able to be played not only online but on the go, on tablets and smartphones. It seems that many casual poker players prefer to pin their hopes on the river card from the comfort of their own home as opposed to having to bluff their opponents with a pair of deuces.

Virtual Reality Remains the Kicker

Virtual Reality is undoubtedly one of the biggest hopes for the future in a number of different industries. In terms of gaming, it aims to create an immersive experience whereby users feel physically part of the environment they're participating in.

Sony are certainly on board with the trend - they have recently announced an updated PSVR headset with better functionality to cope with the increased demands of VR. In addition to this, VR also looks set to revolutionize online gaming, including the online casino experience, with 360-degree cameras and microphones aiming to successfully raise the stakes and replicate the tense atmosphere associated with a game of Five Card Poker or Omaha Hi-Lo.

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Technology Moves Fast

Whilst the concept of virtual reality has been around for some time, it's only in the last decade or so that it's become a realistic possibility. New ideas and concepts are constantly being developed and as a result, it's virtually impossible to predict what is around the corner. Nevertheless, it's fair to say that the gaming industry is one which will be greatly enriched by whatever technological advancement comes next.

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