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PS5 Backwards Compatibility: Will your PS4 games still work?

Investing in games is no small thing, with average prices between £30-£60, when you purchase a game, you want to be able to enjoy it in the long term. Take me for example, who continues to go back and replay Assasin’s Creed and God of War (don’t blame me?), I want to be able to do this even if investing in a new PlayStation.

As the big day approaches (the PS5 launch date) this year, we are getting more and more anxious for confirmation of every spec this next-gen console will be offering, will it meet our expectations? Still awaiting just about any confirmed detail from Sony regarding the PS5, it’s really a guessing game at this stage. 

According to some sources, backward compatibility will reportedly be a feature the PS5 will be offering and of course, this brings some excitement for the lovers of games available on the PS4, especially as we don’t even know for sure what titles will be releasing on the console (besides some rumours). 

What we’ve heard from HipHopGamer, Sony is currently working on a special ‘Remastering Engine’ for the new console. What does this mean for us? Possibly, PS1, PS2, PS3, and PS4 titles will be able to run on the PS5, now wouldn’t that be grand. 

Again, we’d like to say that at the moment, this is merely conjecture and of course we can’t know for sure until Sony confirmes it for themselves. What are your thoughts? What compatibility advancements do you think they’ll bring? 

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