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CES 2020: Sony Deliver Exciting 'Suspense'

Sony's keeping its next-generation console design a secret for now.

2020 International CES, held in Las Vegas, US coined as the global stage for innovation is where many gamer's eyes were glued. With Sony promising some excitement, many were expecting to see an unveil of Sony's upcoming console; the PlayStation 5. However, this didn't happen and Sony opted to keep fans in suspense for longer - and we say, why not.
PS5 Home didn't generate any hype before the event, as we didn't believe anything truly amazing would be shown - I guess we were right. Of course, the logo was expressed and some details surrounding the console. Here are some features revealed:
One of Sony's big reveals was actually a car - yes, Sony are to enter the electric car market - a teaser question we have; will they come with a built in PS5 for passengers?

You can watch the press conference here:

With Sony keeping its next-generation console design a secret for now, we can still dream about what the console will finally look like. Excited?

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