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Godfall: Release Date, Expected Plot, Trailer and All the Latest Details You Need to Know

One of the first confirmed games for the PS5 is Godfall, though many don't remember much stuff about it because many other bigger titles (like Cyberpunk 2077 and AC Valhalla) have taken the lead marketing-wise. Because of this (and because I am a fan of Gearbox and the games that they are making/publishing), we'll freshen up your memory with what Godfall is and what it has to offer for the all-powerful next-gen console.

As far as plot goes, we haven't seen much of it nor has anything been confirmed by the developers. But what we definitely know is the game is pure fantasy, knights and magic, and your character is one of the last exalted Knight's Order and you're sent to prevent a major apocalyptic event that is set to change the world of Godfall forever. The world is split into realms, made of basic elements like Fire, Earth, Air, Water and Spirit. If anything else gets confirmed for the game's plot and/or story, PS5Home will keep you updated!

As for gameplay, it has been confirmed that the player will be able to choose his character's class, each class of course will play and feel different and fill a certain role in the team. It is said that the game is basically Borderlands but with knights, swords and magic, so basically in a nutshell, Godfall is Borderlands but in a way way older era and what that means is that the game will be a loot-slasher (rather than loot-shooter like Borderlands) The game can be played both single player and up to three players in a "drop-in, drop-out" style cooperative mode.

And lastly, release date. While an exact release date hasn't yet been confirmed (or even rumoured), what has been confirmed though is the month that it's gonna be releasing for the PS5, which is December 2020. Surely, the developers have a lot to show before the game gets released, and that's where PS5Home comes in, to give you the information you need as soon as they come!

If you need something solid to hype yourself up regarding Godfall, there is a Reveal Trailer for it and it surely seems fun and intense to play!

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