Good News for 2021: PS5 Restock

2020 was in interesting year for many with many major historical events taking place. One historical event that took place in the gaming community was the launch of the PS5. This launch broke records and quickly became one of the biggest, most-anticipated console launches of the decade.

But unfortunately for many, the next-gen console itself was almost impossible to get a hold of with many online and in-person stores selling out in just minutes. Many thought there was a light at the end of the tunnel with an apparent restock that you could wait in line for but yet again many were left disappointed. Sony underestimated the consumer demand numbers and were heavily under-stocked.

This has left many waiting, reloading and checking on a daily basis for any sign of a possible restock. The launch was almost 3 months ago and due to COVID-19 many were unable to go in-store to purchase their PS5’s and the online stores were left sold out almost instantly. This has left many wondering when they might see another restock.

Currently, the best way of getting any information is by checking the Sony and retailer websites as well as their social media accounts for any hints or dates for the restock. There are also some secondary sights that have been designed to watch these main sights and bring you updates with the latest information. Due to the fact that they are not the primary source, the information can sometimes be incorrect. So, your best bet is to keep multiple store tabs open and refresh the pages when you have time. Random restocks have been known to happen and you don’t want to miss out.

Retailers to check:

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Another slightly riskier route to take is to look for sellers’ knowns as ‘scalpers.’ Scalpers are people who watch for a restock and will buy as many consoles as possible. They will then sell the consoles at a higher price. This can be a huge risk for anyone considering buying a PS5 from an unregistered seller as you could be scammed or end up overpaying. If Sony announce a large-scale restock it will hopefully prevent anyone from buying a PlayStation illegitimately.

A safer bet is to look at possibly purchasing a bundle. Some of the best bundles to look for are those offering a console along with two games and two DualSense controllers. These bundles will most likely stay in stock longer and include everything you might need to enjoy your new PS5. They stay in stock longer because these so-called ‘scalpers’ and bots avoid buying bundles as it’s harder to resell the games for profit. The console is currently the only thing that is hard to come by which makes the other items slightly useless to them and will only end up cutting into their profit. Bundles might be your only friend when it comes to getting your hands on a PS5 so make sure you familiarise yourself with your options.

There has been a tipoff from a reliable stock update tipster claiming that Sony plans to put out 3-4 million consoles per month for the next few months. This restock is rumoured to be taking place until at least April and will hopefully make it easier for everyone to grab themselves the latest console.

We will, however, warn you to take these restock tips with a pinch of salt and be slightly sceptical as they can be unreliable. With a large amount of stock expected to be released every month, we are expecting some shortages and a repeat of the first launch. The hunger for the next-gen consoles has been intense with some consoles selling out in less than 15 minutes, including the bundles.

Despite this all, the idea of a monthly restock excites us and gives many hope that they will be able to get their hands on the next-gen console before the next one is announced. Japan is set to be receiving a lot of stock as PlayStation is quite a hit over there. So, it is all looking quite promising.

So, if you are one of the lucky ones and managed to get your hands on a PS5 after avoiding the scams and overpriced deals and illegitimate sellers, you’ll need a few game recommendations. Why not check out some of our other articles for the best launch games for your PS5 or some of the games we’re expecting later on in 2021.

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