GTA VI and the PS5: Two Huge Future Announcements

When you think about the power that a PlayStation 5 would harness, it’s easy to let your brain run wild with what might be possible on such a system with the release of Grand Theft Auto 6 - (GTA VI). Two facts are clear: Rockstar has seen immense success with Grand Theft Auto V, and Sony can claim the same crown with the PlayStation 4. This article takes a look over some of the possibilities the PS5 could open for such an award-winning title.

PS5 Concept Art

It seems fair to say that Rockstar would struggle to advance what is already available with the current systems available. What we have with GTA V wouldn’t be easily advanced with either the PS4 or Xbox One. Yes, the theme and setting could be changed, and tweaks could be made, but why do this when subtle add-ons are pleasing fans? Thus, for a real advancement to occur, we need to see stronger performing consoles enter the market.

Microsoft is expected to the launch the Xbox Scorpio later this year, which is set to become the world’s most powerful console. Would this open a large enough market for Rockstar to announce GTA 6? Very unlikely. It makes sense for Rockstar to wait until there are two highly powerful consoles able to run GTA VI to the fullest of glory, not one.

This isn’t to say that Rockstar would ignore the PS4, Xbox One or Switch – but rather, just like we’ve seen with GTA V, these consoles would see a ‘slimmed down’ version. This would mean that a PS5, Xbox 2 and PC would all have a much greater version of the game to play; unrestricted. After all, take the PS3 edition of GTA V, then compare it to the PS4 release – you’ll see many differences.

Some question whether the Xbox Scorpio is the Xbox Two – or is it merely the 4K edition of the Xbox One? What’s clear is that a PS5 would begin a new major cycle within the PlayStation brand. The power wouldn’t just entertain native 4K, but future resolution introductions, such as 8K. In fact, it would be very naïve for a console manufacture to not think far into the future opposed to the traditional ideology adopted before technology progressed as quickly as we are now experiencing today.

GTA-VI-Tokyo (1)
Next stop: Tokyo?

So, what might a PS5 offer a huge developer like Rockstar? Well, Open-world would be redefined, the boundaries we have currently, blown away. Ultimately, the map-size could be increased, loading-times eliminated, and vastly more realistic visuals. Any gamer is sure to be a little excited by this prospect, even if it is years away.

Are we soon to enter the age of photo-realistic gaming? Let’s face it, with what is available now, we can’t be far away. However, by photo-realistic, I mean when you really cannot detect the difference between reality and virtual. For example, take GT Sport, many find it hard to tell which is ‘real world’ photo vs. that which is generated for the game. Thus, we are close to photorealism.

GT Sport on PS4 - Nearing Photorealism
GT Sport on PS4 - Nearing Photorealism

When we think about GTA V, this clearly isn’t photorealistic, and this is because most of the resources are used in other areas, such as the huge map. However, a PlayStation 5 would open far more options to game developers, allowing them to do things that aren’t currently possible. Thinking ahead, you might ask the question: which city will GTA VI be based around? Only time will tell.

What dreams do you have for a PS5 and GTA 6 release? Be sure to begin the discussion below. We are sure to re-visit this subject soon - so please include your input.

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gta is very boring and I only want exclusive games


PS5 to launch with GTA VI(PS5 Exclusive), that would be cool

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