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Here’s Why GTA6 will be the World’s next best-selling Game and a ‘PS5 Heavy Hitter’

Every gamer wants to know where and when and it's the PS5 that will be a key ingredient.

Technology is magic for game developers and with each leap we see greater possibilities for those who serve up the games we most enjoy. Rockstar has made full use of the 8th generation technology and delivered Grand Theft Auto 5, a true winning formula, attracting mass popularity and  a game that continues to get regular DLC content allowing it to provide for the gaming community within the game itself. Of course, these DLC updates have ensured that the game has continued to re-fresh within the online arena. Simply put, Rockstar hasn't had the pressure to rush for their next huge leap and instead are likely awaiting for the necessary technology advancements to react. Since we expect the PS5 to be arriving later next year, in 2020, you can be sure to believe that Rockstar have their creative teams in place to explore what might be possible for GTA6.

Whilst the next generation of consoles would love to entertain the idea that GTA6 could somehow be an exclusive title to their platform (Sony PS5, Xbox Scarlett or Switch 2), reality suggests this is simply not going to happen and ultimately an unrealistic dream. Thus, it's 9th generation technology across the table that will set the boundaries of what is considered possible for Grand Theft Auto 6.

Rockstar pushed 8th generation consoles close to their limits making a free-roaming environment feel larger than ever seen before - at the lost of some slightly annoying loading times. Those who are excited about the incoming PS5 are sure to have their dreams aimed towards the games of which this fine console will play. Whilst we should expect a huge amount of PS5 exclusives, Grant Theft Auto 6 is sure to still be on the wish-list within your dream catalog of PS5 games.

So, what will this new potent 9th generation console technology enable Rockstar to do? We've listed some key points that are, well... key.

  • Huge Map. GTAV has a large map, but expect something triple the size with GTA6, you'll have the PS5 and 9th generation consoles to thank for this capability.
  • Faster Loading Times. One of the criticisms of GTAV is the sluggish loading times. The PS5 and 9th generation consoles will allow for Concorde speed loading times.
  • Greater Detail. Visuals are going to be draw-dropping, expect a vastly more realistic experience.
  • New Location. Could London be the next setting for GTA6? Possibly. It's an area we've rumored before and for good reason. The Watch Dog's franchise , the real alternative to the GTA series, is stepping in to London for their next game location with Watch Dog's Legion - and this looks stunning, you can pre-order the steelbook as of now and support PS5 Home by ordering from that link. It seems as though GTA6 will either return to a major US city, or London. Other rumors suggest Rio Janeiro, Paris, and other areas of Europe, but we believe these to be extremely unlikely unless somehow the Rockstar team have plans to have a variety of locations within a new gameplay framework.
  • New Possibilities. You can enter a small amount of buildings within the world of GTAV, however, we see no reason as to why the majority of buildings could be accessed within GTA6, this would enable new possibilities within the story-line, police chases and online gameplay.
  • Fresh Story-line. Well this is a guarantee, we'll get to meet new characters, probably previous ones too. It's not just fun to free-roam, since the narrative can take us on an enduring journey.
  • New Online Features. Without GTA Online, GTA V wouldn't have become the best-selling game. The online gameplay has ensured the longevity of the title with regular DLC updates.

Are you excited about GTA6 and the PS5? Which features would you like to see? Leave your comments below, you could even win some amazing PS5 games! * Comment away!

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Pedro benz
Pedro benz
1 year ago

I’m hoping that GTA 6 returns to Vice City, one of my favorite locations in the franchise.

1 year ago

Having played all of the GTA games I’m really looking forward to this one. What makes it so hyped for me, is the next gen hardware. The PS5 looks to be an absolute beast so I’m expecting great things when it eventually launches!

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