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Hidden Gems for your new PS5

2020 brought the new PS5 console and with it a whole load of great launch games.

Finding the perfect game for you can be a bit tricky with so much on offer. Now that the PS5 is backwards compatible, there is so much variety it can be hard to narrow it down and seek out the best ones.

There’s something for everyone on a PS5 with plenty of third-party blockbusters such as ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’ and first-party exclusives such as ‘Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales.’ You just need to know where to look when looking for your next PS5 adventure. There are some real hidden gems out there that very few know of or hear about in the world of gaming. Some games do not get the recognition they deserve because they come from less-common developers or don’t pay for as much advertising.

The PS5 is still a baby and has managed to rack up an impressive list of games within just a few months. You can also pay a visit to some old games from your PS4 that will be improved and renewed. Ghost of Tsushima and Days Gone are among the list of ‘classics’ that you ought to try out on your new console.

If you are not sure where to start, we have made a list of some of the lesser-known PS5 games that don’t always make it to the billboards or the side of a bus. That is not to say that they are unheard of or bad gameplay. These games are some of the best and deserve some recognition. Here are a few not so hidden, hidden gems you should investigate.


Ghost of Tsushima

Although it wasn’t the best-looking game on the PS4, significant improvements have been made that make it even better on the PS5. The graphics are better, and it is now available at 60fps, making for a smooth gameplay even when the game is running on a higher resolution mode. The game is faster to respond when in combat and the scenery and visual effects are really brought to life by the increased frame rate.

It is also available in multiplayer mode, known as Legends, which is said to make it much better than before. This game works best on a 4K HDP TV and will truly shine in the process.


Sackboy: A Big Adventure 

This game is perfect for families and is perfectly kid friendly. It even competes with the critically acclaimed Super Mario 3D World as one of the best games for the whole family. The design is fantastic, and it offers a four-player co-op with some brilliantly challenging gameplay.

The developers of the game successfully avoided falling into the same trap that many other developers fall into when designer a game aimed at the younger generation. The game challenges those of any age and will provide entertainment for hours all while looking great and taking you on a seriously fun adventure.

Don’t ignore this game. It’s a true hidden gem from those who overlook it.


Astro’s Playroom 

This game truly shows off all that the new console is capable of. By far the best pack-in game since Wii Sports, this gem is a true piece of art.

Pre-installed on everyone’s PS5, the game shows off clear 4K visuals, amazing 3D audio and perfectly shows off the new DualSense controller.

You’ll feel sensations from the controller you never knew were possible with a range of vibrations and Sony’s new haptic feedback. The triggers are adaptable which makes for an immersive and yet surreal experience that captures exactly what the game developers had in mind.

Once you’ve played the full game and experienced all the magic, make sure to delete it as it does tend to slow down your PS5 due to the size of the game. Unless you’d like to relive the breath-taking game known as ‘Astro’s Playroom.’

So, don’t overlook these games purely because they’re kid friendly or labelled as ‘fun for the whole family’ or were not as good on previous consoles. Give these games a chance and why not take advantage of a game that showcases all the new things the PS5 has to offer? You’ll learn about all the perks, tricks and new technology the developers have created and have fun all while doing it.

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