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How To Make The Perfect Gaming Room For Your PS5 In 2021

The PlayStation 5 is a truly remarkable console. Scarcity problems aside, reviewers all over the world have been singing its praises; it’s clearly a powerful machine with limitless potential and a strong launch lineup to boot. With all that power under the hood, you won’t want to simply settle for a ho-hum setting for your PS5. No; your console deserves the best of the best. That’s why it’s important to build a gaming room that truly complements the incredible powerhouse you’ve just purchased. Here’s our guide on how you can make the perfect gaming room for your PS5 in 2021.


Don’t neglect other rooms

First, let us give you a tip you may not have considered: don’t neglect other rooms when you’re building your gaming room. Sure, it’s important to have that cave you can go into and immerse yourself in the PS5, but what happens when you want a snack? Why not level up the rest of your house while you’re at it? Consider refurbishing your bedroom or even installing a custom kitchen during your time planning and building the ultimate gaming haven. You’ll thank yourself for it when every room in your house feels like it’s had the same love and attention as your gaming room.


Lighting is everything

A true gaming room usually has a seriously impressive lighting rig going on. PC gamers the world over will repeatedly sing the praises of RGB lighting for enhancing the ambience when gaming. Why should it be any different for you when you’re gaming on the PS5? Consider buying some RGB lighting strips, installing a smart lighting system that you can control with your smartphone, or adding lamps in key locations such as next to your seat and near the console itself. With the right lighting setup, you’ll completely transform your gaming experience. Coordinate the lighting with your PS5’s colour scheme for a seriously cool effect.


Don’t skimp on a TV table

As a gamer, you might want to consider a custom TV table rather than any of the shop-bought options out there, especially if you have a lot of consoles you need to house. Many TV tables are designed only for Blu-ray players and the odd sound system, but as a gamer, you need a more dedicated piece of kit than that. Your TV table is, after all, your altar; it’s where your PS5 will sit, and it’s where you’ll spend the majority of your downtime if you’re a serious gamer. Think carefully about the size, shape, and nature of the TV table you need, and don’t buy something just because it’s cheap or convenient.


Cable management is critical

We can’t stress this enough: do not neglect your cable management. Nothing ruins the atmosphere of a gaming room quite like cables being strewn everywhere. As a console gamer, you’ll have fewer cables to consider than the average PC gamer, but cable management - that is to say, HDMI cables, power supplies, and controller charging cables - is still key. Cables should be accessible, but not necessarily visible, and your cable management system should do nothing to detract from the ventilation in the room (more on which in a moment).


Emphasise ventilation

Don’t enclose your PlayStation 5 in a small alcove where it has no room to breathe. Even though the PS5 is quieter and better at heat management than many of its predecessors, you still need to make sure it has enough room to circulate air, and you need to make sure there’s a source of fresh air coming into the room as well. If you’re converting a basement or attic space, try to make sure there’s a window there; otherwise, you may need to install some air conditioning. The last thing you want is for your PS5 to overheat after an extended gaming session.


Decorate it

What’s a gaming room without gaming artwork on the walls? Collect some of your favourite gaming artwork in the form of prints, posters, or sculptures, and display these pieces prominently around your gaming room. For bonus points, try to make all of the pieces related to games you can play on your PS5. This shouldn’t be too difficult, given that the vast majority of PS4 games are playable on PS5. Our personal favourites include God of War, Bloodborne, Shadow of the Colossus, and, of course, the recently-released Demon’s Souls.


Install a fridge

When you’re not running back to your lavish new custom kitchen to craft energy-boosting meals or epic snacks, you want a fridge on hand so you can quickly reach for refreshments. A gaming-themed mini fridge is the perfect solution for this particular dilemma. Bonus points if the fridge has some kind of RGB capability; after all, why stop with the ambient lighting, right? Make sure the fridge is situated close to your seating space, and be sure to incorporate the fridge into your cable management solution as well if you can.


Shelves, shelves, shelves

Whether you’re planning to build an extensive physical game collection or simply a shrine to some of the most obscure gaming-related books and magazines out there, you’ll need some shelves. Again, a custom solution here may be best; depending on how much stuff you need to display, you’ll need a different degree of shelving, so try to coordinate this with a custom shelving provider. Shelves are also the ideal place to display figurines, sculptures, and other gaming paraphernalia you may have; give your favourite pieces pride of place! 

Photo credit: @ralexxanderr.

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