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How To Pre-order A PS5 - The Ultimate Guide

If you’ve been keeping up with gaming news recently, you may have seen that pre-ordering a PlayStation 5 has been proving pretty difficult. Part of this is due to the fact that Sony activated PS5 pre-orders before it should have, thus leading to a lot of confusion among consumers. However, the scarcity of the console can also be attributed to its popularity; analysts have predicted that the PlayStation 5 will vastly outsell the Xbox Series X and Series S. We’re not surprised; for our money, the PS5 is the superior console, so the fact that it will sell more than its rival should be taken for granted.

Of course, if you’re in the market for a PlayStation 5 - either the disc-based version or the digital-only edition - then you’ll likely be wondering exactly how you can get your hands on a console. Unfortunately, this may prove to be a tricky endeavour, especially given that any stock stores receive seems to sell out almost instantly. Don’t despair, though; while you may not be able to guarantee getting yourself a PS5, there are some things you can do to improve your chances of being able to secure stock when it does become available. Here’s our go-to guide on how you can pre-order a PS5 and save yourself from disappointment on launch day.

Check These Retailers

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Bookmark StockInformer

One of the most important websites you can bookmark on whatever browser you’re using is StockInformer. This handy page collates every retailer that’s stocking PlayStation 5 consoles and tells you whether or not they currently have any consoles in stock. Not only that; StockInformer will also tell you when said retailers last had PS5 stock. Of course, it won’t be able to tell you when they might be getting more; after all, the retailers themselves often don’t know that with the kind of precision you need as a consumer. However, if you’re looking to get a PS5 and you don’t want to trawl individual websites, you’re best off looking at StockInformer.


Check social media often

Twitter users like Wario64 will often tweet rumours and happenings within the gaming industry. Since there is such high demand for the PS5, those rumours will often include which retailers are stocking the console right now, as well as which ones are looking to obtain more stock in the near future. It definitely behooves you as a PS5 hopeful to keep checking social media - specifically Twitter industry insiders - for information on which outlets have PS5 consoles in stock and which ones are looking to get more. The most important thing about pre-ordering a PS5 is being the first in line, and you’ll only increase your chances of doing so by keeping an eye on industry information.


Visit your local game retailer

Often, video game retailers - the brick-and-mortar variety, not the online kind - will have different stock allocation of pre-orders to their online counterparts. That’s why it’s important to keep up appearances in your local video game retailer. Unfortunately, most physical stores are selling out of PS5 consoles just as rapidly as their online brethren, but that doesn’t mean you won’t strike it lucky and manage to get your hands on one. It’s also worth keeping an eye on the Twitter page for your local store. Just checking the general corporate Twitter for the store brand won’t cut it; you’ll need to follow your specific location, which likely has a Twitter page of its own.


Try non-traditional stores

Some of the most obvious places to try and get a PlayStation 5 pre-order include game retailers and general-purpose electronics retailers. However, non-traditional stores often get stock of consoles, too. It’s worth keeping an eye on stores that you may not necessarily think of as electronics retailers. This can include supermarkets, general stores, and anywhere else you might think of that could be stocking the console. Often, those outlets will also offer either reduced-price bundles or general discounts on the hardware, too, so not only can you find a pre-order off the beaten track, but you can also get your console and pay less into the bargain.


Wait a little while

Sony is always allocating more stock to retailers. If you’re not lucky enough to get yourself a PlayStation 5 during a single pre-order pass, it’s definitely worth waiting a little while to see if you can get one later down the line. It’s not inevitable, but it’s possible that PlayStation 5 pre-order frenzy will die down somewhat before launch; if it does, that’s your opportunity to sneak in and get a pre-order while things are calm. Demand for the PS5 is unprecedented, however, so we’re not optimistic that the situation will become any less frantic any time soon. Still, if you’re not the competitive type and don’t like feverishly refreshing web pages, you might want to wait.


Read the small print carefully

This isn’t so much a tip on how to pre-order a console as a caveat to make sure you’re not ripped off. If you do find a website that’s offering a PS5 pre-order and it looks like the consoles are in stock, you need to exercise caution. There may either be some hidden small print that modifies the order in a way that’s unacceptable to you, or perhaps an unscrupulous bit of security bypassing in the small print that means the site is just trying to rip you off. Many scalpers and untrustworthy sites are out there right now trying to capitalise on people’s desire for a PS5, so don’t let yourself get ripped off, no matter how desperate you may be.

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