PlayStation5: Some of the most widely asked questions and their answers

The official name of the console isn’t confirmed yet but we do know that this is a confirmed news. It is already a talk of the town. Every new version of the PlayStation is supposed to be a bigger, better and powerful than the previous one. The only thing that is yet to be confirmed is the naming. It maybe called the PS5 or the PlayStation5, this we’ll have to wait and see. We have had a lot of leaks regarding the next generation console. How many of them are supposed to be the truth? We have no idea but as if we look at the history of the leaks then the 75% of them are going to be truth.

There is a rumour about the backward capabilities of the PS5 that it would be compatible with the earlier version of the PlayStation. Apart from this if you like to play casino games on internet try best casino bonus uk and enjoy the amazing casino bonus. Now, let’s proceed with the PS5, So-far the Sony has confirmed that PS5 players will be able to play online with the players of PS4. Now this is some serious news that will make life on this planet much easier. There are a hundred of question that are asked about the PS4. We try to answer some of the relevant ones. Let’s get started

The leaked date?

There was an email from Sony which got leaked which unveiled that the launch event will be in 12, February, 2020. We do not believe this rumour to be truth as it has not been verified yet. Which leads us to the next question, which is

When it is going to be released?

We expect Sony to milk the cow (PS4) more and it makes sense. It has been a huge success with a huge fan base. The fact that PS4 Pro is still new gives us assurance that PS5 is going to take more time. The Microsoft has given an expected date to launch the new version of Xbox, which will be the end of 2020. There is a possibility that they are going to be in the game before the Sony does.

Can we finally expect 4K gaming on PS5?

The PS4 have the glimpses of what the 4k gaming would be like. The all new hardware should be in for the fun that 4K may offer. There is even the talk of 8k as it has already seen the demand in the tv industry.

Will it have the legendary Optical disc or not?

Well the rise of internet has seen a very much decline in some of the products in the market. The optical disc has been in the receiving end as the list of downloadable games are increasing day after day. Some independent surveys have confirmed that buyers still prefer to buy the games on physical disc as it has the option of reselling it. If Sony does remove it for some reason then it might be compensated with several terabytes in the storage. We expect the disc drives to stay for a while.

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1 year ago

Will the PS5 have backward compatibility with previous generation games? PS1-PS4?

8 months ago

Will a ps4 user when getting a ps5 have to create a new account or can we transfer all of the ps4 stuff to ps5

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