Should we be preparing for a PlayStation 5?

Launched in 2013, the PS4 has risen to become the obvious console of choice, beating the nearest competitor by a distance. Sony is now ready to bring 4K gaming to fans with the PS4 Pro, which recently became available. However, many are excited about what could be next on Sony’s console launch list. Let’s continue.

Technology is moving quickly and this is certainly providing Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft with some unknown questions. The console cycle appears to be getting shorter whilst consumer demand is increasing for continued progression.

Sony’s PS4 Pro is designed to take the PS4 into the age of 4K resolution. Whilst It would be ridiculous to consider the PS5 less than three years after launching, it makes perfect sense for Sony to extend the PS4’s cycle with a console that is able to adapt to other evolving technologies. After all, if you buy a 4K TV, you’ll surely want your gaming console to deliver stunning 4K visuals to match, right?

Microsoft’s answer to 4K resolution will be the XBOX Scorpio, which already boasts to be the ‘world’s most powerful console’. Sony doesn’t seem afraid to admit that the PS4 Pro will beat the Scorpio within many departments, including value and content. However, the current boasting rights of being the world’s most powerful console will seemingly be passed over to Microsoft.

Importantly, it’s useful to look at Sony’s history within the realm of the PlayStation brand. It is no coincidence that Sony is the company behind the world’s best-selling console – The PlayStation 2. It’s also no random luck that the PlayStation 4 is dominating the 8th gen console scene. Console gaming is an area that Sony continue to master, and has done since 1994.

As the landscape of 4K gaming becomes more apparent, it should be easier to estimate when we’re likely to see the announcement of Sony’s next major console release. Unlike the PS4 Pro, the PlayStation 5 would be regarded as entering 9th gen gaming – a major advancement from what is currently available.

Nintendo’s ambitions are now clear too. There won’t be a machine capable of achieving 4K resolutions, but rather a focus towards quality content within the standard 1080p (full HD) format.

Sony's PS4 console cycle appears complete, and the next major step will quite likely be the announcement of a PlayStation 5. When will this be? Time will tell. Sony are sure to be monitoring the PS4 Pro vs. Scorpio. That’s not to mention the Nintendo Switch.

Ultimately, it seems fair to say that we should expect a PS5. It would be naive to think otherwise. However, it’s going to be years away, that’s because the PS4 will remain the go-to platform for entertainment and gaming alike. Heck, we are still to receive the stunning racing game: GT Sport – and we’re already talking about the prospect of a PS5? ­Jokes aside, thinking ahead, a PlayStation 5 would seemingly slot perfectly into the next stage for the PlayStation brand.

Do you think Sony will announce a PS5, and if so, when? Be sure to leave your comments and feedback within the comment section below.

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