PS Vita 2: Could It Destroy Nintendo's Attempt At Glory?

Update: PS Vita 2 won't be happening anytime soon - Sony's attention is on the PS5.

This article was posted in 2017 speculating about a PS Vita 2, read the latest about this topic at the above link, continue to read the speculation from 2017 below:

At this point it is a battle once again between PlayStation and Nintendo. Long before Microsoft entered the world of video games, these two giants were duking it out for video game supremacy.  Then PlayStation took a little time off and let Nintendo and Microsoft have at it. Now with the Vita 2, it appears that Sony is looking to reignite the fight that they started all those years ago. I have to admit that in this new round of video game warfare, the stage has been set for these two to pick up where they left off. Not since the days of the Gameboy have I seen a portable gaming device that has so much potential to take the lead in the portable gaming world. With this handheld console the latest to do the rounds of rumour for the PlayStation brand, the PS5 is another hot topic. Let's move on and see what the Vita 2 could bring.

The Vita 2 goes where other portable options are afraid to go. Looking at it, you will not off the top expect that much from it, the real value comes from the hidden advantages that it has. So, that brings this article to a simple feature versus feature comparison. The simple fact of the matter is that while Nintendo has a good solid product out on the market, the PS Vita 2 is still a portable device that can give Nintendo a serious run for their money.

One area that the Vita 2 has over Nintendo, is the fact that there is a large range of titles that are already to be played on the device. This is a far cry from the few titles that the Nintendo Switch has at the moment and from the beginning has Nintendo playing catch up to stay ahead of the Vita 2. This is one of the biggest areas that makes PlayStation a cut above many of the things that Nintendo will try to offer.  The other area that the Vita has an advantage is that of remote play.

Being able to play remotely is a very important aspect that many players will look for when they are looking to buy either a PlayStation or a Nintendo. This is where the Vita 2 has an advantage as you can play via Wi-Fi anytime anyplace. This along with the large selection of titles will be exactly what will help PlayStation get the upper hand on Nintendo and their offering with the Switch. PlayStation also has been proven over and over to be a lot more affordable than Nintendo as a result this drives a lot of people to the point that they go with PlayStation by default.

Regardless of if you are a Sony person, a Nintendo loyalist or a Microsoft techie, you will want to give serious thought to the purchase of a PS Vita 2 for their portable gaming experience. Even if price is not a factor, you will still want to give some serious thought to this as being your next gaming system for on the go. In the upcoming years, there will be a new war waged and unless Microsoft gets their act together and offers up something that will be able to compete with the PS Vita 2.

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Bret Bradley
Bret Bradley
3 years ago

lol well i guess 2017 answered this article’s question.
10 million Nintendo Switches sold…

Ant eater X
Ant eater X
2 years ago

Sony: expecting a new handheld??? DREAM ON………….just when we finally got rid of that bastard child Vita? How the hell the thought of making a new vita breed ever come to your head in the first place ? Dumbasses.

11 months ago
Reply to  Ant eater X

Portable ps4 ?. .

Pedro benz
Pedro benz
1 year ago

I think the first generation of vita had a lot of potential that was cut short from Sony’s inability to give enough time for the handheld to grow. I hope with Vita 2 Sony can fix this and make a handheld that would be similar to switch.

11 months ago

Is that a portable ps4 ?. .

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