PS4 Neo and PS4 Slim Are Expected To Be Followed by a PS5

The rumor mill is turning at an ever greater rate, that's because Sony has confirmed that the PS4 Neo and a PS4 Slim edition will be the final releases for the PlayStation 4 console life cycle. What does this mean? It suggests that a PS5 will be the console to advance the PlayStation brand within the next 5 or so years, at least this is what you'd currently read into this specific news.

Whilst we are still waiting for Sony to officially announce when the PS4 Neo and Slim will release, they are both expected to arrive later this year. The PS4 Neo is expected to provide far greater performance and introduce 4K gaming capabilities, it's unsure as to whether the Slim edition will also provide this same power increase.

However, it appears as though these two console releases will finalise the PlayStation 4 cycle, meaning that a PS5 will follow sometime in the future. Both Microsoft and Sony are likely to take a similar approach, keeping the momentum with their current brands, but looking to move in a new direction within the next 5 years.

Sony decided to delay details surrounding a PS4 Slim and PS4 Neo generally because their E3 event was jam packed with exciting game announcements. Microsoft, on the other hand, were ready to unveil the XBOX Scorpio and XBOX One Slim. We expect Sony to officially unveil the Neo and Slim as this year's Tokyo Game Show (September).

This news seems to be positive whichever side of the coin you're on.

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