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PS4 vs. PS5

And the masses are going crazy! Any and every PlayStation fanatic is eagerly awaiting the PlayStation 5 and all we know is Sony will not be releasing the innovative console any time before May 2020. This means months of waiting for the console to be released but it also means a few more months to enjoy the PlayStation 4. So what are the differences between the two and are we just chasing newer models because of the brand or do we actually know why it’s so important for us to have the newest Sony releases. Looking into the two consoles and comparing notes has delivered the answers and you can make up your own mind about what has you magnetized to the latest Sony release fast approaching.

Virtual gaming is widely appreciated and the design of the PS5 will most assuredly be something akin to the greatest invention of all time. Nothing quite relates to the thrill of playing PS games like novibet.co.uk does. The excitement is so intense that gamers have admitted to finishing combat games in career mode over a weekend of binge gaming. With this in mind, designers have striven to deliver faster gaming experiences.

With the new model, Sony is stepping closer to modern gaming which eliminates loading times. This allows more space for memory and in addition games will be more detailed and enhanced.

Pricing. This is something everyone is asking about. What will the price of the new console be? Although we cannot predict the future, we can take it from Sony’s past mistakes, they won’t be attaching a hefty price tag to this newer release. Their PS3 console retailed for a few hundred more than the second one and by the fourth console release they dropped the price by a few hundred.

Another feature which may be added to the newer console is something we hope to see either in 2020 or in the near future. This is the elimination of disc games. Rather than having to buy the hardware, we imagine a world where players are able to either stream or download games upon purchase. With technology moving forward, we can foresee either the PS5 or PS6 having this ability.

Virtual Reality. One thing we know about gamers is that they love VR gaming. The latest console needs a WOW factor and we imagine this will be the connection between modern gaming and VR gaming. If Sony were to create a VR console, the option to play original games or VR games would be up to you.

It is difficult to say what Sony will be adding to their latest invention, but it’s easy to predict which features they will be incorporating into their future designs. The only question is, when will these features be developed and will they be available to PS5 console buyers. The mystery will remain as such until the day of the release, so all we can do is await the release and keep our ears to the ground regarding the details given before the release date.

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