PS5 Concepts

There is nothing more exciting than imagining what Sony's PS5 console will look like and until we see official leaks, we have to conjure up concepts. With that said, there are numerous PS5 concepts published, but many are unrealistic. Here we reveal PS5 concepts that have a strong chance of entertaining the aesthetic features of Sony's PS5.


Which of our PS5 concepts do you like most? How do you dream the PS5 will appear? Leave your comments below.

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1 year ago

I think the perfect design would include an aspect from each generation of PlayStation consoles that have come before it. There should be little change to the overall design of the console and dualshock controller

Kenny Hawkins
Kenny Hawkins
1 year ago

I like the third design the best, it looks like something we’ve never seen before. To tell you the truth I would buy that third design

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