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PS5 Controller: Sony PS5 DualSense Controller

PS5 DualSense Controller Information, Specs, Features

Well, the suspense is over. We now know what the controller for the PS5 will look like. It’s impressive and comes with a unique name. Its name? DualSense. The two-toned design takes a different approach this time around and it looks awesome. It’s the identity of this generational leap and the name also supports this.

  • Haptic feedback - this feature adds a vast amount of powerful sensations you will experience when playing different games, such as the icy sludge when driving a car through snow.
  • Adaptive triggers - the L2 and R2 buttons now include adaptive triggers which can truly understand the aggression of your actions, like when drawing a bow to shoot an arrow.
  • Powerful rechargeable battery - the battery is designed to deliver great playtime whilst powering these new innovative features.
  • Create button - this button replaces the 'share' button and will allow you to 'create' great content from your gameplay.
  • Built-in microphone array - no need for a headset thanks to this feature, simply turn this on and your controller will be a microphone.

Sony has taken some of the best elements from the DualShock 4 and created what looks to be an amazing controller with the DualSense.

We are still in suspense as to what the actual console will look like other than the PS5 concepts we have and the PS5 dev kit. This controller probably signals the color scheme could be white and black. We also expect the controller to come in all black and other color schemes.

What do you think? Leave your comments.

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11 months ago

The product looks very beautiful and the battery looks very durable. If the price is right, I will consider buying one.I am a game fan。

10 months ago

Like the look, wish it wasn’t white…gonna get dirty after a few weeks of game play.

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