PS5 Expected To Launch after PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro

We’ve seen Sony make a number of alterations with the PS4, from adding an upgraded hard-drive to subtle upgrades. However, it’s the PS4 Slim and PS4 Neo which are expected to advance the console most dramatically.

It’s still unclear as to whether the PS4 Slim is actually codenamed the PS4 Neo – or are they two standalone console releases? Many rumours are currently circulating. Either way, 4K gaming is guaranteed to take off and set the foundations for a PS5 to take the crown at a later and distant date.

The PS4 has many years of evolving to do, with PS VR and 4K gaming expected to provide fans with essential content that this very technology already desperately demands. Jam-packed entertainment isn’t far away for all PS4 gamers to enjoy.

What should we call Sony’s next beast? The PS4 Slim is expected to launch later this year, delivering Sony’s final major console advancement within the PlayStation 4 life-cycle. Yet, it’s the opening of 4K resolution content to consumers, and developers alike, which will extend the life-span by some distance.

Technology could, ironically, actually be the biggest threat to the release of a PS5, and you might be wondering why. Well, connecting to hardware, opposed to owning it, is where things are expected to move towards. What does this actually mean, though? Your internet connection would route you towards a service provider that evolved, you’d pay a monthly fee, kind of like as you might with Amazon Prime. In other words, you’d be connecting to an evolving service, where visuals gradually improved, all from a tiny box, content too.

Take the smartphone market as a fine example, we see a new release all of the time – so how about gaming consoles? The idea that a console release might last 4 years or more without updates is an outdated concept. Sony’s excel in the content department is what helps to create a great future for the PlayStation brand.

Plenty of excitement awaits for PS4 gamers, but wouldn't it be awesome to expect the announcement of a PlayStation 5 sometime in the future? Feel free to leave your comments and ideas within the comment box located further down this page.

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