PS5 Price

How much will the PS5 cost?

With global economics going through turbulence, many want to know how much they'll be expected to fork our for their next generation console; PlayStation 5. Rumors are swirling around suggesting that upcoming next-gen consoles could appear with a larger price tag than previously seen. It's valid speculation, but what should we really expect? This article looks over the speculation surrounding how much the PS5 will cost. Let's continue.

History: PlayStation Console launch Prices

SystemReleasedU.S. price vs. U.K price
PlayStationSeptember 9, 1995$299 / £299
PlayStation 2October 26, 2000$299 / £299
PlayStation 3November 17, 2006$499 $599 / £425
PlayStation 4November 15, 2013$399 / £349

The Balance: Power vs. Price

If the cost is too high, then gamers will shy away. If the competitor delivers a better balance, then that could be game over. Simply put, careful consideration will be applied to the ingredients of Sony's next generation console, namely; the hardware. When considering the PlayStation 3, as you can see from the above data, its heavy price came at the expense of Microsoft's cheaper and less reliable console; the Xbox 360 - retailing at the smaller price of $299 / £209.99. Sony's balance was corrected with the PlayStation 4, hence why it has become a world beater within the realms of console players.

Price Predictions

It's exciting; the PlayStation 5 is expected to be the most powerful next-gen console available at the hands of players, however, this doesn't mean it will come with a larger cost to gamers.

With the PS5 expected in 2020, we are sure to keep you updated with the latest PS5 news updates.

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1 year ago

As long as Sony does not make the same mistake as they did with the launch of the PS3 everything should be fine.

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