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PS5 Unveiling Confirmed, or so they say...

PlayStation’s next-gen console, the PS5 is due to launch late 2020 and we’re just dying to know what it’s going to be all about. Since early 2019, we’ve been teased by leak after leak and while the wait is ever so intense, we might be getting that exclusive look closer than we think. 

We have it on good authority, yes a Reddit leak, that the unveiling of the new console will be happening on February 5th at the PlayStation Meeting event. It could be just a simple rumour, but we hope that competition pressure from the official unveiling of the XBOX Series X will get Sony into gear!

It’s also worth mentioning that an apparent leak of a Sony registered patent which showed the PS5’s overall design was confirmed by a development kit photo leak originally posted by Zone of Tech. Of course, we don’t know if the image is legitimate or not but it’s likely that even if it is, the end design will probably be quite different. 

We are certainly looking forward to all the specs being confirmed by Sony directly so check back in with us for updates on all the latest PS5 news and gossip.

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