Sony is Well Equipped to Begin Progressing Towards a PS5

The PlayStation 5 could be Sony's next Big console machine

Just reading the headline is probably enough for some, after all, those very words signal Sony’s next major step. It goes without saying, the PlayStation 4 has turned into a major success, trumping that of Microsoft’s attempt. With Nintendo entering the market with a niche machine, I think it’s appropriate to suggest that they are the best competitor – and their machine is refreshing, with some great games. With that said, the PS4 remains the king and queen of console gaming and will continue to be so. Let’s now see what’s next for Sony and PlayStation.

Sony has basically completed the product-cycle for the PlayStation 4: They’ve released: the base model, Slim, PS VR and finally, the PS4 Pro. Thus, we shouldn’t really be expecting too much else within the hardware arena. Though, don’t worry PS4 loyalists, your console is not about to become expired like an out-of-date cheese. Rather, things are just heating up. Sony will now focus attention on providing fantastic content that cannot be matched elsewhere – yes, they’ve already done so, but expect more… and more… and well... more.

The Lacklustre Competition

Let’s take a scenario, you own the most powerful toaster in the world, but how pointless is it if you have no bread? Simply put, the Xbox One falls into this scenario and continues to do so (have you seen the line-up of Xbox One exclusives? Quite lacklustre. Simply put, power must be a secondary feature, with content taking the main roll. The Xbox One X hasn’t achieved what the marketing team at Microsoft was desiring and that will be sure to dampen the idea of a next-gen Xbox.

The Switch is the next best thing to the PS4
The Switch is the next best console to the PS4

Nintendo on the other hand tick many boxes, I, as a PlayStation gamer give much credit to Nintendo. I believe that any PS4 gamer wanting to own a second console should truly consider the Switch. You get to play more quality games, like Mario Odyssey and Mario Kart. Great content that is served up on a console that can showcase the games in style.

PC Gaming hasn’t stalled Console Gaming

It is 2018, and some mystic megs back from not too long ago predicted that console gaming would be dead. How wrong they could be. PC gaming is great, let’s not knock it. However, console gaming is better in various ways, especially on the PS4. Take the plug-and-play aspect, it’s simple, relatively universal, and ultimately archives what it ‘Says on the Tin’ or in this case, ‘On the Box’. Yes, PC gamers get to upgrade their rigs, see better visuals, and often have access to a broader range of titles, but how can competition be fair when one user owns a $500 system and another a $4000 system? Console gaming isn’t dying, it’s growing, and Sony is at the forefront.

Expect the PS5 to be Sony’s next Legacy

I find it funny, some question why there is a PS5 Home, as though it is ridiculous to imagine Sony creating a console after the PS4. On that thought process, there wouldn’t have been a PS2, PS3 or PS4. Clearly, the PS4 is a best-selling console, why should they just halt the brakes and not consider a next-gen console? The cloud concept is great, and we appear to be moving in that direction, though it isn’t here as many predicted. Imagine connecting to hardware, opposed to actually owning it - this concept is greeted with many problems for console gamers.

Are you in awe of the idea that Sony could soon be working on a new gaming console that is capable of delivering more amazing exclusive titles in detail never imagined before? Be sure to leave your thoughts below.

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11 thoughts on “Sony is Well Equipped to Begin Progressing Towards a PS5”

  1. As somebody who’s been looking at what Sony tends to do throught the years (not really a sonyboy, I own everything but Xbox. Not because I hate Microsoft, mostly because I don’t see them try these days) I am more then sure that Sony’s going to copy Nintendo’s sucess.

    Sony always does it, if you look closely enough. So we can expect a hybrid console from them, most likely, not just another stationary console.

  2. Dumbest and most idiotic article written by a damn Pony aka Sony fanboy bragging about exclusives yet though their underpowered trash started with none waited at least 2 1/2 years from launch day

    Yet though it continue to fail ( regardless the sales numbers ) look at what it offers today more remasters then any other console , PS5 will not have Backcompat Sony will keep charging you clowns for PSnow fees as all PS4 exclusives are going there

    And PS5 will launch with all Remasters and still be weakling and watch it crumble when Xbox2 launches right along side with full on exclusives I will be watching you fools cry and petition like you always do

    Won’t bother sharing your crappy article fanboy

  3. There won’t be a PS5 till 2021 enjoy the wait lmfao keep dreaming it’s going to be a huge leap it won’t and most probable play games at 4K 30fps if your lucky might still do checkerboard rendering

  4. That concept pic looks like a stack of mouse pads. But hey, it’s better than looking like a piano-black coffin or countertop grille…

  5. It’s all Beautiful from here. Over 75 Million PS4 owners and their library of games will migrate over to PS5. Not XBone.

    The PS5 will be backwards compatible with PS4 games. It’ll be more powerful than the XBone X and will provide move games at full native 4K @ 60fps.

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