Should Sony’s Next Console be Discless?

Without speculation and rumours, we would neglect the future possibilities. Pondering, wondering, dreaming are just three of the ingredients involved when it comes to speculation. So, let’s delve down this very avenue.

The very suggestion that discs would become redundant hasn’t come to fruition as yet, and whilst we might be heading in that direction there is little evidence to suggest that Sony’s next console would swerve away from having a disc drive.

Internet connections across the globe appear to be improving with both reliability and speed. This is perhaps fuel for this very topic – will be have reached a stage from where discs won’t be of use when a PS5 does release?

Discs have many uses and your average Blu-ray contains 40GBs of data. That’s not to mention there are some perks of having the media in your own hands. For example, once you’ve enjoyed the game, you might wish to sell it on; something that isn’t possible with the downable alternatives.

Let’s say that a future PS5 would entertain a 5TB HDD – 5000 GBs of data. This could hold a large number of current games – 50 perhaps. That said, future games might weigh heavier in data (I am not an expert able to verify this, but it seems a plausible possibility). Simply put, you’d plenty of cloud space in addition to the HDD – people who have an index of 200+ games won’t survive with such HDD space.

I doubt we will see the PS5 as a discless console. Though, I wouldn’t rule out the idea of a discless PS5 version – maybe for those who wish to delve down that avenue, have great internet connections and have a cloud subscription.

People love to feel as though they actually own something, probably the reason as to why Vinyl is rocketing in popularity – like a buying riot against digital content. Of course, digital content is fantastic and enables the instant purchase of a game or movie.

Interestingly, the Nintendo Switch is discless, it uses tiny cartridges. I can vouch that whilst unique, they are easily lost and somewhat fiddly to slip into the console, especially when undergoing a hangover. The disc serves a use and does it well.

Would you like to see the PS5 have a disc drive? How about a digital edition of the console that ditched it, but came with extra cloud storage space? Allow your ideas and thoughts to flow within the comment box below.

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