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Sony's PS5 event is happening today!

Don't miss out!

After Sony's postponement for the PS5 event, where they moved the event's date from June 4th to June 11th, following George Floyd's death due to police brutality, the time is finally here!

Sid Shuman, the Senior Director, shared with us some details through Playstation's official blog website about the event that we are about to watch. First of all, it's a pre-taped program that will be broadcasted at 1080p resolution and 30 frames per second and Sony has recommended us to watch the event with headphones rather than speakers. Seems like they are about to surprise us with PS5's 3D audio feature!

The event will be held on both Twitch and YouTube, tomorrow (June 11), at 1pm PDT / 9pm BST / 10pm CEST. Be sure to tune in, as well as stay tuned to PS5Home for news regarding tomorrow's PS5 event!

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