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Things to expect from PlayStation5

The PS5 is almost on the horizon and this well might be the best console that this humankind has ever seen. Yes, it is just speculation but we all know this might be true. We know this because the gaming industry is ever-evolving. The Sony is gearing up to make it more exciting and trust me the date is fast approaching.

We believe it will be priced around $499-$700 depending upon the variant that you would want to buy. We don’t need to mention that the price of the PS4 will be reduced dramatically. We believe that it would cost around $250. Gamers all around the world have been waiting to see what the new PS5 might bring to the fold. There are so many expectations that Sony would need to fulfil. In the article below we will discuss some of the possible feature that PlayStation is likely to have. Let’s get started.

The 4K Resolution or Higher

The hottest topic for gamers right now is the 4K resolution. Both Xbox one X and the PlayStation4 Pro have a strong focus on 4K resolution but they hardly deliver the true 4k experience. The Xbox promises true 4K but it doesn’t always match the expectations. On the other hand the PS4 Pro can push resolutions to higher than 1080p but it doesn’t hit the 4K all the time.

The higher resolution definitely depends on the teraflops. Higher the number of teraflops, better the resolution is. Sony would want to increase the number and make 4k a gaming reality.

Higher Frame Rates, Better Performance

Now the games have reached a zenith of fluidity, the attention to the details has gotten us deeper and deeper. A decade ago you wouldn’t be talking about the frame rates or the performance at all. The sweet spot for gamers would be 60 frames/second. A lot of games can’t even reach that. We believe the 60 FPS should be enough for a smooth gaming experience.

The Next Generation Graphics

The graphics became a very important aspect of gaming after the launch of PS2. Since then there have been a lot of improvements in the PS3 and PS4. The better designed games are incredibly realistic but hey, there is always room for improvement.

Not only graphics are going to be better but the overall experience is going to be breath taking. The PS5 is expected to change the dynamics and some tweaks to the basic engine of the game so that some true life like graphics can be achieved. Even today, there are various portals offering great graphics like

The Next Generation Virtual Reality

The PlayStation VR created waves among the gamers. It was the talk of every town and was accepted by gamers very quickly. The market for VR is a very new one and is continuously growing. The technology has a long way to go but we know this is the future of the gaming.

In the tech world it is very highly anticipated that a next generation VR would be launched very soon after the launch of PS5.

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