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Voice Recognition: A Big PS5 Feature?

"PS5 Play; The Last of Us 2" - How Your voice might be the easy way to navigate with the PS5.

Many smart devices now allow you to utilize the power of your vocal cords, namely; voice recognition. It's an easy way to 'search' and 'demand', where your voice enables navigation like never seen before. Thus, we expect the PlayStation 5 to take advantage of this feature.

The patent for the the PS5 console shows that this technology could certainly be a big feature. "Hey PlayStation" .... "Join the game my friend Kate is playing".

Of course, it's expected to be a big feature, one that will enhance navigation, gameplay and more. With trend, Sony will tread carefully around this feature, since such technology has privacy concerns. We'd expect such a feature to be optional. Whilst it could seriously utilize many aspects of the PS5, it will need to recognise a whisper for those night-time gamers.

We'll be updating you with more details soon regarding voice recognition on the PS5.

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