What features should the PS5 include?

Although the PlayStation Pro has been with us for less than one month, that hasn’t stopped the world’s tech enthusiasts from speculating wildly over their wish-list for what features should be included in the PlayStation 5.

This is because the PlayStation Pro has been considered to be little more than a polite upgrade to the PlayStation 4 with basic 4K capacities and a larger hard drive. But with the modern-day gamer expecting everything from advanced virtual reality to streamed casino games, it’s given Sony a tough task to appease the PlayStation gaming community.

True 4K gaming

The PlayStation Pro was rushed out to take advantage of the boom in 4K televisions. And whilst it’s the best on the market for 4K gaming, it still feels a little underdeveloped with a distinct lack of 4K Blu-ray player and its checkerboard technique meaning that many have questioned whether it’s a real 4K console at all.

And whilst 8K gaming on the PlayStation 5 might be a touch optimistic, the new console should be able to run 4K output natively.

VR options

Sony made a big impression with the PlayStation VR. But despite taking the lead on Microsoft, the headset still lags behind the likes of Oculus Rift and HTC Vive in terms of display resolution.

So this is why the PlayStation 5 should be released with full integration of the latest VR features so that whether it’s a casino simulation or a first-person shooter, it’ll all be included in the box and will be seamlessly realistic.

Storage versus optical drive

It’s still a little confusing to find that PlayStations are equipped with optical drive. Whilst there’s something satisfying about putting in physical content, it feels a little antiquated in the era of streamed games.

So what we need is for the PlayStation 5 to ditch the discs and give us plenty of storage instead. This will mean that we’ll have plenty of space for any title downloaded from the PlayStation Network, and seeing as a free demo is available of one of Lucky Nugget Casino’s latest games, it’ll hopefully mean that an in-built browser will further broaden our gaming possibilities to enjoy these mobile titles.

Upgradable options

But there are even those who’ve suggested that the PlayStation 5 could be the last console that uses the traditional console product cycle. So rather than waiting six years for another PlayStation to be released, the PlayStation 5 could include some form of upgradability.

All of which means that when the PlayStation 5 finally lands, it’ll hopefully be the able to provide virtual reality streamed casino games in 4K that won’t need to be upgraded just a year later!

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1 year ago

Hello my name is Chica Chica Slim Addy., I was just wondering if this is the Most powerful console in Sony history and what web sight can I find the final design I hope sony doesnt tend to try to compete with Xbox Scarlet this year Sony on my prospective has won qualities of console dominant. 1. Playstation you can play out the box no internet required 2. Some games take 7 seconds to down load 3. Its alot more affordable than Xbox one.On the other hand Xbox one wins over engine power better graphics Good elight microsoft titles such… Read more »

1 year ago

I am really hoping to see 4k from this. I already have an xbox one X that serves as my main entertainment system.

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