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Which Launch Games Are Worth Playing On Your New PS5?

So you’re one of the lucky ones who managed to get your hands on the latest PS5 console and it’s on its way, but you realise you have no games to try out on the next generation PlayStation. You’ll want a game that’s perfect for testing out those ultra-speedy, ground-breaking graphics and one that will be worth your time and your money.

If the best PS5 games are what you’re after, we’ve got the perfect line-up for you. This list includes something for everyone and although the selection at the moment is fairly limited, each games takes full advantage of the consoles the spectacular graphics, hyper-fast loading times and impressive controller. With some of these titles being exclusive to Sony’s latest creation, the launch of the PS5 is said to be one of the biggest of the decade with one of the biggest selections of readily-available games for a new console that we’ve seen in a while.

From third-party blockbusters such as Assassin’s Creed Valhalla to first-party exclusives like Demon’s Soul, here is our list of the top launch games to buy for you new PS5 console.

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales

This game follows the story of Into The Spider-verse’s very own Miles Morales as he steps in for Peter Parker as New York’s very own superhero. As many would predict, his first week on the job has plenty of obstacles and players will find themselves having to make decisions and fight of any enemies , in the Adidas-branded sneakers of the ever-so-charming Miles Morales.

This incredibly detailed game shows of the power of ray-tracing (realistic reflections and lighting) and the super-fast loading speed that accompanies it. With a fantastic 60fps performance, this PlayStation exclusive will keep you entertained and staring at the beautiful graphics for hours, much to your partners disliking.

A definite must for any Spider-Man fan who loved the previous game from the Spider-Man series.

Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Yet another Call Of Duty, but this one is definitely worth buying. The PS5 version enhances the DualSense controller and recreates a recoil of every individual gun, creating a completely immersive experience. The fantastic visuals and immersive gunplay will have you hooked and playing for hours on both multiplayer and zombie mode.

At 120fps and with the return of zombies, this will make any Call Of Duty fan giggle and blush as they pull the trigger of their machine gun for the first time and their DualSense controller recoils appropriately.

Demon’s Soul

Truly exclusive to the PS5, this game is hands-down the most visually appealing game out of all the launch games. With detailed visuals that will show every crease and every texture imaginable, spectacular lighting and impressive bosses, this game is a true work of art. With minimal to non-existent load-times, this game is any players dream.

Be prepared to have your skills tested as you attempt this intensely difficult game and find the strength the persevere even if you have died countless times.

Astro’s Playroom

A family-friendly game that shows of the new PS5’s incredible DualSense abilities, this game is said to create some of the best entertainment for families since the launch of Wii Sports. Showing-off magnificent 4K visuals and 3D audio, this pre-installed game is yet another fantastic game exclusive to the PS5.

Feel the different forms of feedback from you controller as you venture through this other world, walking across a variety of surfaces and fire a gatling gun. This magical and hypnotic experience is highly recommended for anyone trying out the new PS5 for the first time. A perfect showcase of everything that the console has to offer.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Possibly one of the most spoken about games to be launched with the PS5, this bloody yet devilish Viking adventure game will have you ransacking Medieval English villages one minute, swinging an axe at another Viking’s chest the next and competing in a drinking competition later on. With beautiful Nordic Culture woven into the storyline, this game will provider nothing but entertainment using 60fps and improved loading times.

Although it isn’t free of its usual glitches, this excellent RPG is completely worth the tiny hiccups you might experience along the way.

Definitely one to check out if you’re looking for a laugh or feel like escaping into a whole other world.

With one of the biggest console launches and a list of amazing games to match, 2020 has been a great year for the gaming industry and companies such as Sony. With impressive, ground-breaking technology making an appearance and fantastic graphics shown off at lighting-speed loading times, we can only dream of what we will see from the gaming industry in the coming years.

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