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Why PS5 Will Be The Perfect Streaming Platform

It’s safe to say that, despite some hiccups in terms of supply, we’re hyped for the PlayStation 5. We think that this console has the potential to become Sony’s best machine since it began creating gaming devices back in 1994. Why? Well, the PS5 promises to up the ante when it comes to graphics; it’s got a buttery-smooth solid-state drive powering lightning-fast loading times; and it’s got a killer lineup right out of the gate, among many other things. The PlayStation 5 is shaping up to be a true monster of a gaming console, and we’re confident it’s going to blow Microsoft’s Xbox Series range right out of the water.

One aspect that people aren’t discussing with quite as much fervour, however, is how excellent the PlayStation 5 is going to be for gaming streamers and content creators. There are a number of reasons for this; the console’s specifications, its emphasis on community, and its software library will all contribute to becoming the streamer’s console of choice on which to play their games and show off to their followers. Without further ado, here’s our guide to why the PlayStation 5 will be the perfect streaming platform and what you can do to get involved if you’re interested in this aspect of the industry.


The DualSense controller

The PlayStation 5’s DualSense controller is built with streaming in mind. Like the PS4’s controller, the new device has a button built in to help socially-minded players share and promote content. However, where the previous controller’s “Share” button stood, there is now a key marked “Create”. Right now, we’re not entirely sure exactly what this button does. However, we can make a good guess: it’s probably an enhanced version of the Share button, designed not only to help you share content but also to add your own unique stamp on it. As such, we think the controller’s Create button will be a vital factor in helping you to put your own unique stamp on your streamed content.


Platform integration

If Sony wants to court the streaming crowd, platform integration is crucial. Though it’s important to create the content, building a brand and creating a look for your channel is just as important. Let’s say you’re setting up a streaming profile. You have a brand identity, a unique hook, and you make a gaming intro for free at to help people understand what your brand is all about in a nutshell. The PlayStation 5 should allow you to integrate those things within your PS5 profile so that you can quickly and easily allocate content to a channel and share it with your followers, or so that you can begin streaming with the right identity quickly. In that way, Twitch and YouTube, as well as other streaming and video platforms, should be integrated into the PS5’s ecosystem as standard.


Software library

The PS5’s exclusive lineup makes it the perfect platform for streamers. After all, many of the games that will be released for the console are ideal streaming material; the Souls games continue to enjoy a high degree of popularity on Twitch, so the addition of Demon’s Souls to the console’s launch lineup will likely result in a surge of players streaming that game on and around launch week. Sony will want to encourage streamers to show off their software library however possible, so it’s very likely that the PlayStation 5 will emphasise its streaming tools in order to empower content creators to demonstrate the power of its new console.


In-console streaming tools

Beyond simply integrating services like Twitch and YouTube with the PS5 user interface, Sony could go one better and actually allow streamers to set up custom overlays and graphics for their streams while they’re playing PS5. This would enable streamers to much more easily add their own idents and graphics and would therefore attract more streamers to the platform. Back in the PS4 days, Sony controlled the aesthetic of the console’s streaming functionality quite heavily, meaning you could only use the Sony-approved streaming apparatus and couldn’t customise it at all. We’re hoping Sony adds functionality to customise streaming, as that will be huge for streamers.


Community tools

One of the most important aspects of a gaming streamer’s life is the community that surrounds them. Without a strong sense of community and belonging, a streamer doesn’t have that approachable, relatable quality that’s proven elusive yet crucial in establishing a presence among the live streaming community. The PlayStation 5 should, alongside its Create function, feature some advanced community tools and integration to allow streamers to talk directly to their community and enable engagement on a large scale. If Sony does this, then the PlayStation 5 will become the go-to console for streaming, especially since Microsoft will likely pursue a similar strategy.

These are just some of the reasons we think the PlayStation 5 will be the perfect streaming platform. We’re anticipating that Sony will add all of the features we’ve detailed here, because streaming is absolutely the future of gaming, and there’s no way the Japanese gaming giant will want to miss out. Do you think the PlayStation 5 will be a good console for streaming? What features would you like to see Sony add to make streaming easier?

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