Will Roblox be released on PS5?

It’s the question that has been on everyone’s mind for some time now. With the launch game line-up for the new PS5 console not yet confirmed (although many rumours have been flying around the internet) Roblox fans around the world have been waiting to find out whether an updated version of the game will be being released. Roblox is currently one of the most played games on the app store, attracting a wide variety of gamers globally, from all age groups and backgrounds. Although it has been available to play since 2006, it seems it has only recently started to garner the attention it really deserves. With the onset of gaming YouTubers, and the large amount of young gamers interested in playing games, creating their own, and indeed watching other children create and play games online, Roblox has ballooned in popularity, and seems set to steadily grow in the coming years. 

It’s not just Roblox that has got gamers excited, though. Sony have been teasing Playstation fans with information about the upcoming release of their new console for some time now. We now know that the PS5 is likely to be released for the Holidays 2020, which some have estimated to mean late November 2020 (Christmas list anyone?) and fans have predicted it will be competitively priced, just under the £500 mark. We also know that the console’s technology will have been hugely updated. Sony has confirmed that the PS5 console will be using a AMD CPU chip. This is related to the AMD’s Ryzen line (third generation). Most significantly the update to technology will include uber realistic graphics, through the help of ray tracing. Ray tracing means that the light in the game will reflect and retract from surfaces as it appears to do to the human eye, in real life. This will be extra special for any bodies of water in a game, or glass surfaces. It’ll even make shiny cars look even more realistic than on the current Playstation 4 (so we can’t wait for a GTA game). As well as hyper-realistic graphics, Sony has committed to updating the audio elements of the console. This is a huge relief to fans who were disappointed with the upgrade from Playstation 3 to Playstation 4, so Sony have a lot of making up to do. To top it all off, if you are lucky enough to have a TV or monitor that supports 8K resolutions, the Playstation 5 will look even more incredible. We can’t wait to see it in action!

So what will the addition of the updated PS5 console mean for our favourite game, Roblox? 

Adults and children alike have been drawn to Roblox, a creative gaming platform that allows users to create their own games as well as play them. Roblox is a multiplayer app, which means you can also play games that others have created, not just your own. If creating isn't your thing, you can log on as just a player, however it offers wide creative opportunities to explore your imagination and bring new worlds to life. Roblox is also quite unique in the fact that it offers a chat feature, which means you are able to really connect with all the different players from around the world. It has been heralded as one of the most creative and educational gaming platforms, even for children, and we can see why so many people love it. One key element to enjoying Roblox to its full potential is collecting Robux. Robux is the game’s virtual currency that allows players to buy items and progress further. This can sometimes prove to be a little tricky and very time-consuming, and can even cost real money. So, if you are looking for a legit way to earn free robux without hacks, these people can help you out. It is one of the few games that has really stayed popular throughout its whole career to date, and so we can only hope that creators will put some thought in to bringing it up to speed with the latest technology included in the new Playstation 5.

Recently, Roblox announced that they boast a huge 100 million active players each month, which means they will have lots of fans waiting to download and play the game if it does eventually appear on new consoles. Unfortunately, only a scarce amount of information about the Playstation 5 version of Robux has been released. In fact, it seems that Roblox is yet to be released on the current console, Playstation 4! However, don’t be too disheartened. Sources have suggested that Roblox for Playstation 4 will be available this year, with suggestions that it will be landing at some point in July 2020. Currently, when impatient gamers are looking for Roblox to download, they are greeted with a very sad error message. But before the year is out, this will be no more. Hopefully by July, all you will have to do is search for Roblox on your Playstation 4 console, log in and start playing. This announcement has offered some hope for gamers holding out for Roblox featuring on the PS5. While it looks unlikely to be in the launch line-up, gamers are keeping their fingers crossed for a PS5 update, next year in 2021 after the release of the console. But for now, don’t forget to improve your current gaming experience by building up your Robux balance.

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