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A Few Thoughts on The PS5 Dev Kit

Excited gamers are now in the clear, rumors aside, the PS5 will be arriving later in 2020. However, many are dreaming about what the console will look like. With image leaks of the PS5 dev kit, you might thrown and consider it a bulky ugly bit of kit, and you'd be right - however, don't worry, it's a dev kit and the PS5 is unlikely to look anything like this. Some might suggest it's the final product, pointing to patents etc, however, a dev kit needs a patent too. So, here's the dev kit:

The PS5 Dev Kit
The PS5 Dev Kit

It's chunky and has a V where the air vents rise out. Design-wise, the V meaning 5, PS5. It's somewhat ugly, although for a dev kit it's actually not. Want proof? Below is the PS4 dev kit:

The PS4 Dev Kit
The PS4 Dev Kit

Of course, the PS4 ended up looking nothing like this ugly breeze-block. And the PS5 dev kit wont look anything like the streamlined design of the PS5, of which we are still to await. You can view PS5 concepts which are likely to be similar to the reveal.

A dev kit is sent out to developers before release so they can begin developing games for the new system. Thus, the design of the dev kit is of little importance, it's what's inside that matters.

What are your thoughts on the dev kit? Hate it? Love it? Comment below.

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